Color Sensitive Shower Tiles

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You walk into shower filled completely with boring black tile and turn the water on. Soon the shower walls begin to transform themselves into psychedelic changing patterns. This cool scenario really exists.

Does this sound familiar to you? We covered something very similar not too long ago.

Inspired by the stunning Northern Lights of Alaska, this line features 4 × 4 glass tiles that appear black at room temperature and move through the color spectrum when temperature (warm water, radiant heat, etc) is applied. The moving color is dynamic to the temperature of the heating agent.

Star Wars Animated Statues

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Animated toys are cool but a whole set of Star Wars animated toys is amazing. Gentle Giant has a whole collection that look stunning.

Armed with the Death Star plans, Princess Leia was given a mission by her father to find one of the Republic’s greatest heroes and recruit him into the Alliance. En route to the planet Tatooine to find General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Leia’s ship was attacked by Imperial forces, and she was taken prisoner by Lord Darth Vader. She barely had time to hide the stolen plans into the memory systems of an R2 unit, and ordered it to find Obi-Wan on Tatooine.

Food You Breathe

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Air quality is a concern for many. This has resulted in air purifiers starting to become a popular item. Imagine a device though that does not clean particles from your air, it adds to them. A device that releases particles into the air nourishing the living organisms lucky enough to breath them.

PHARMA-FOOD is a system of nourishment through breathing.
Pharma food is composed of a type of particle that is ingested by breathing and that has nutritional effects on the organism. These particles include vitamins, amino acids, minerals and micronutrients in general. The particles constitute a volatile muesli that is released to be inhaled and then reach their destination by the mouth.

DIY: Instructables Ice Bulb

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Instructables has an interesting new way to combine ice and LEDs into a really cool ball of light. It’s a super simple and fun looking project.

The Ice Bulb is very cheap and simple to make and the result looks amazing. This instructable will be to basic for a lot of people here, but surely someone will find it a fun project.

A Drop of Light

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A wall mounting lamp that looks as if it is about to ooze diffused white light all over your valuables. Who could resist the teardrop shape?

This award winning series of lamps presents light in a “fluid” form. Each drop of light offers a warm and diffuse light in any space.

DIY: Remote Control

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With just a few simple parts around your home you can create your own remote control. A perfect first step towards total world domination and a cool party trick.

This hack shows you how to change TV channels without a remote control, and annoy your family!

Life's Too Short For the Wrong Job

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The hard working team over at Cherryflava dug up this clever advertisement for a job search company. This is quite clever.

Another cracking execution to add to the others, which we posted last year. Life’s too short for the wrong job. Get out while you still can.

Nihilist Flavorless Chewing Gum

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Want gum to match your philosophy? Most likely not but your bases are now covered. I know this is terrible and cheezy but it is a cool idea.

This gum has no flavor. It is as pointless as life itself. As unsatisfying as your empty shell of an existence. Like everything else on this wretched planet, it is a dead end. A black hole. A bottomless pit of missed opportunity and shattered dreams.

See-Saw Bookshelf

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There are many ways to judge a book. I personally like looking at the covers but others tend to like the feel and weight a bit more. The See-Saw Bookshelf was built to help such people. A steal at only $1,899!

Every book tells its own story. Every book has its own weight. By playing with balance, the See-Saw bookshelf visualizes the breadth of our home libraries.

Butter Stick

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This is awful. Perhaps it is just because I simply hate butter but this is disgusting. I hope people put me down before I get to an age where I feel this is appropriate.

[ From here ]

Plush Nintendo System

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I love Nintendo but I would never sleep with my NES... until now! I’m not one for stuffed animals (or anything stuffed for that matter) but it looks like exceptions will have to be made.

Crazy me thought it would be a good idea to sew a Nintendo. I hand dyed the felt, hand sewed it and embroidered all the details. It took me 2 weeks!!!! I hope you like it.

3D Clock

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Imagine a clock with a face that goes against logic. A clock where a second hand quickly takes off in an unexpected direction.

The hands of the TRIACHRON seem to move magically, attracting the eye of the observer. Especially the fast-moving second hand of this timepiece makes it obvious why clock movements are so fascinating.

A complex curved mechanism with a forced control was developed for the very intricate clock hand control mechanism. It controls each of the hands of the clock on 2 axes to keep the hand surfaces parallel and at a constant distance to the 3-dimensionsal face of the timepiece. The clock hands move through the three corners and rotate along their own longitudinal axis keeping on the corner angle.

Strange Weapons

posted Jun 28, 11:20 PM ... Comments [1] has an article on the ten strangest weapons through history. Some of these make comic characters look lame in comparison. Who would have known “hand claws” really exist?

The blade (or multiple blades, as in the urumi pictured here) is flexible enough to be rolled up and stored when not used, or even worn as a belt and whipped out on demand. The blade or blades are typically razor-sharp and bad news for anyone standing in the vicinity of the person wielding the urumi.

Push-pin Night Stand

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This is a very clever looking night stand lamp. The cool part is that the base is made of cork so you can use real push-pins in it too.

The Push-pin Night Stand is a fun decoration piece that’s also practical. Simply “push” the pin to turn on the light. The bottom portion can be used as a message board to thumb tack your memos.

Vertex Table

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The Vertex Table looks like something ripped directly out of the video game world.

Strong and sophisticated geometrical table. A perfect balance of smooth surfaces, clean lines and precise angles.

[ From BLTD ]

McDonald's Food After 10 Weeks

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What happens when you place food items from McDonald’s into jars and let them sit for ten weeks? You can find out by clicking this link and watching.

Immersive 3D Video Environment

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Imagine a screen that quickly rotates around your body drawing images in 3D that require no glasses or added gimmick. A group from the University of Tokyo have developed such a machine. Not only does the machine display interactive 3D imagery all around you, it also takes video of at the same time. The result is that people across the globe can feel like they are really standing right in front of one another.

Inside the 1.2 meter (4 ft) tall, 2 meter (6.5 ft) wide cylindrical display are 50,000 LEDs arranged in columns. As the display rotates around the observer’s head at a speed of 1.6 revolutions per second, these specially arranged LED columns show a slightly different image to each of the observer’s eyes, thus creating the illusion of a 3D image. In other words, TWISTER tricks the eye by exploiting what is known as “binocular parallax” — the apparent difference in position of an object as seen separately by the left eye and the right eye.

[From Pink Tentacle ]

Americans Woefully Ill-Informed

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This graphic is from an excellent Wired article on American knowledge of the world and their own country. Amazingly (or not so amazingly) viewers of The Daily Show were considerably more knowledgeable in answering basic world facts than viewers of Fox News.

A new study from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press shows that Americans, on average, are less able to correctly answer questions about current events than they were in 1989.

What If Your Floor Could Feel You?

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Imagine a floor that senses and reacts to your touch just like a mood ring from an old arcade toy machine. An Italian company has done just that. They manufacture not just flooring but tables and other objects that can interact with their users.


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