Stop a Bullet With Your Fat?

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Bullet-proof vests are expensive but fast food is dirt cheap. If one wanted to be able to protect themselves from stray bullets on the cheap just how fat would they need to get before they would not have to worry?

The gun has a 3m long barrel which you load a small ball bearing into. There is a valve between the chamber and the barrel which can be opened very quickly. The gas (at about 70 atmospheres) then expands extremely rapidly forcing the bullet out of the barrel at supersonic speeds.

Small Clip Tells Time

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This tiny clip attaches to your clothing and keeps time. Way smaller and more convenient than a watch. Functionality over flashiness.

stopwatch? depth gauge? pedometer? ...the tempo does none of that. it’s simply a wearable glimpse of time. it tags your sleeve, collar or bag, and is like an extension of the time note on your computer. it’s appropriately un-fancy in its spirit of high-end office supply, and adds a dart of useful technology to power suits and t-shirts alike. made of stainless steel.

Rose-colored Glasses

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If the world is a little too depressing for you nowadays why not pick up a pair of rose-colored glasses? These special glasses block out bad news printed in articles of the same color.

According to psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall’s calculations, January 23rd is the most depressing day of the year. I recreated ‘The Guardian’ from this date in two colours so that when viewed through a pair of rose-tinted glasses, the only news that remains is the good. A world without political, racial or social problems. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

Banksy Stonehenge Port-A-Potties

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Artist Banksy has created a replica of Stonehenge made entirely of port-a-potties at a Glastonbury music festival.

Mork art from BANKSY has appeared at this weekend’s GLASTONBURY MUSIC FESTIVAL, namely this STONEHENGE replica made from stacked port-a-potties . Since being erected, the reveling, mud-caked masses have taken to adding their own graffiti and otherwise trashing the site in true euro-hippie fashion. Expect to see the portable toilets showing up on eBay this Monday.

[ From Supertouch ]

30,000 Matchsticks Explode

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It makes sense that igniting a bucket of matchsticks would cause a nice little flame to get going but this is just crazy. What happens after the matches have been set on fire is astounding and must be seen.

These guys take 30,000 matchstick tops and drop them in a bucket. When they finally light them the explosion actually creates a small mushroom cloud over the bucket.

Hobo Signs

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Hobo Signs by Stan Richards & Associates is the definitive collection of depression era hobo communication symbols. An interesting look into a world that is very different.

Beginning in the 1880’s up until World War Two, hoboes placed markings on fences, posts, sidewalks, buildings, trestles, bridge abutments, and railroad line side equipment to aid them and others of their kind in finding help or steering them clear of trouble. Usually, these signs would be written in chalk or coal letting others know what they could expect in the area of the symbol. The classic American hobo of the late 19th and early 20th centuries communicated through a basic system of markings, a code though which they gave information and warnings to their fellow Knights of the Road.

[ From Cyberhobo and Famoustramp ]

Massive "Hello World" Semacode

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German artist Bernd Hopfengärtner has created the worlds largest “Hello World” message ever by cutting a massive Semacode into a wheat field.

“Hello, world!” is a real installation for the virtual globe of
the software Google Earth. A Semacode measuring 160 × 160 meters was mown into a wheat field near the town of Ilmenau in the Land Thuringia. The code consists of 18 × 18 bright and dark squares producing decoded the phrase “Hello, world!”.
The project was realized in May 2006 and photographs were taken of it during a picture flight in the following month.

Strange Japanese Costumes

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Words can hardly describe this collection of Japanese costumes collected and put together by I think I’ll stay home this Halloween.

The Japanese invented reliable automobiles, robots that look like dogs and most of the more interesting sex acts on the web. But how well do they do costumes? To find out we strapped on our favorite web browser and scoured what the online Japanese costume world had to offer. We were not disapointed.

8.7% Don't Have Bank Accounts

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It seems that 8.7% of those in the US don’t have a bank account. The majority of these people are the very poor.

A Consumer Federation of America survey of check-cashing outlets, found that on average it cost $24.45 to cash a $1,002 Social Security check last year. A blue-collar worker pays an average $19.66 every week to cash a $478.41 handwritten paper check.

Japanese Sex Doll Factory

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Funky Stories has a an interesting collecting of images taken inside “a Japanese sex doll factory“ They prove to be both fascinating and creepy at the very same time.

These are Japanese sex dolls for sale to guys who probably can’t get a girlfriend. The price range from $1000 to $5000 (the more expensive ones are made with latex that feels like skin to the touch). The president of the doll factory even posed with several of them. Now that’s creepy!

Pyramid of the Capitalist System

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This was a campaign poster used by the Industrial Workers of the World, for protesting against the evil effects of capitalism and its ignorance of the marginalised and underprivelaged. Their main aim was to bring up a workers’ union, and to gain support for it.
This poster is relevant even today and it is so sad that this is so… What is Capitalism, Globalization and Technology when such systems has not resulted in considerable positive change in Human Welfare?

More can be found here.

Rechargeable USB Shaver

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If you are reading this website then you know it’s a long way from your computer to your bathroom. Thats why you need to bring a little bit of your bathroom into your computing experience.

Each morning you wake up, brush your teeth, get dressed, and leave for work. Hold on a minute – you seemed to have missed a step! How could you forget to shave? Unfortunately, time is at a premium and you do not have the luxury of returning home for a quick shave. There is the Rechargeable USB Shaver that comes in a lightweight and portable design that keeps the 5 o’clock shadow away at all times.

Tin Toy

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You might think today is toy day on Slacktivate but that would be incorrect. It’s all just pure coincidence that we have two great toys posted today. Rumor has it that this toy is best with psilocybin.

Supertouch’s own resident Popagandist RON ENGLISH has just released these images of his upcoming Medicom Be@rbrick available only at this year’s ComiCon in July. No word yet as to how many will be available or how & when they’ll drop, but prepare to stand in line…

Match Under A Glass In A Microwave

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This is a really bad idea but immensely fun to watch from the safety of the internet. What could possibly go wrong? Watch the video!

This is what happens when you light a match, place a glass cup over it, and then microwave it.

The Fall of Ney York

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What would happen if humans just mysteriously disappeared today? You might be surprised just how fast things would deteriorate. Just days after our disappearance radical changes would occur. This interactive timeline follows New York through five billion years of history.

Lunartik: A Lovely Cuppa Tea

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A cute little toy to keep your tea company. This creation from Lunartik will make almost anything seem more irresistible than it really is.


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There has to be a good story behind this image. The tragedy is I can’t share it with you. Most likely this is what happens when the plans are viewed upside-down during the building process.

Slacktivate Is Lost

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In order to keep the sanity of those behind Slacktivate intact there will be no regular update today. Daily weekday updates will return early on Thursday morning at their normal time.

Dangers of Stock Photography

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Novelish has a way cool article on when two different books use the same, or similar, stock cover photography. It’s full of comparisons and source images that have been tracked down. The most amazing thing is that the author has been able to track down all these covers.

Go into any bookstore and you’ll see photos on covers everywhere. I’m not sure whether publishers think photography sells books better or they’re just too cheap to pay an artist, but it seems to be a growing trend in cover design.


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