The Time Table

posted May 17, 09:45 PM by Puffo

There are all sorts of bad jokes to tell here. I can’t do that thought because it’s dinner time for me.

With the Time Table in your living room never again will you have to squint at the cable box, or wander over to the microwave to see what time it is. It uses a thin electro-luminescent film to turn the entire top surface of the table into a subtle and tasteful digital clock.

The table also includes alarm functions in case you fall asleep and don’t want to spend the whole night in front of the TV and a timer to switch the lighting off. I assume (or at least hope) the table is also waterproof for handling the occasional spilled beverage.

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  1. Can it play pong?

    John Wesley ... May 19, 01:27 PM (#)
  2. wow … it sounds AMAZING. Looks really cool too; in the first millisecond or so it just looks like an oddly tiled surface.
    I wonder what the options for versatility are here as far as a table goes. I mean, like you said – can it have drinks spilled on it; can it hold lots of food; can it stand the occasional emphatic fist-thumper – or is it just a really huge clock?

    avid consumer ... May 26, 05:53 PM (#)