Instant Noodle Timer

posted May 31, 01:40 AM by Puffo

If you love the high sodium goodness of instant noodles you know that timing and temperature is everything. Now the preparation can be a little bit easier for you.

Have you ever made some instant noodle and then completely forgot about it (and ended up having that bowl of soggy noodle for dinner?) Well, we have. So what is the secret behind making a good bowl of instant noodle besides boiling water? Time, it’s all about time. Let this unique Instant Noodel Perfecting LED Count-Down Clock help your perfect your instant noodle making skill so you can impress your date or your parents when they visit for dinner. When turned on, the LED light will lit and flicker. A final-count down voice will then remind you that your meal is ready. A great gift idea for poor college students living off instant noodles from Chinatown. Grab one, and start eating instant noodle the way they are meant to be eaten.