Flash Fog Defense

posted Jun 1, 12:11 PM by Puffo

Flash Fog is a interesting security idea that is apparently a reality. When your alarm is triggered a series of hidden smoke machines rapidly fill the room with fog. At the same time strobe lights can also trigger blinding those nearby. If the cops don’t show up the fire department sure will.

The same company also make a version for cars. Just don’t trigger your alarm on the freeway.

FlashFog is a new and effective supplement to your burglar alarm. It drives off burglars in less than 20 seconds with its incredibly powerful fog and strobe light combination, which has an astonishing and instant blinding effect. The fog is so thick that finding anything to steal is virtually impossible.

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  1. This is fkucing incredible

    Wow ... Jan 28, 03:47 PM (#)
  2. This is YEARS old – I worked for a company that used SmokeCloak ten years ago.

    Same principle – alarm goes off, building fills with dense smoke. The only downside was that everything ended up covered with a very thin, slightly oily film.

    dave ... May 31, 07:24 AM (#)
  3. I would love a pellet or something that creates a big blast of fog at will.

    I think ninja’s use it.

    Chris R ... Nov 3, 02:13 PM (#)
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