Candlelit Street Art

posted Jun 12, 11:02 PM by Puffo

This beautiful art is drawn and then illuminated using candles. The pieces are then placed on busy city streets for an interesting nighttime effect.

What i like about the lanterns is that it deals with the frail temporary aspect of putting up art in street.if i take the best case scenario (that nobody takes the piece after a short while and there are no extreme winds or rain) then the longest life span of these pieces will be that of the candles, which is probably just a few hours. therefore, when someone runs into it on the street they know that it was placed there not so long ago and they, by coincidence, got there in the small time frame that the piece was “active”, hopefully giving them the feeling that it was placed there especially for them, and maybe guiding them,following them home and subtly lighting up their way.

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