THC Breathstrips

posted Jun 13, 10:06 PM by Puffo

For those occasions when your breath and day could both use a little boost. Some say that Willy Wonka is still alive. This and this are both proof.

Med-strips are like the Listerine breath strips you buy at the supermarket, except that each one of these comes loaded with 625mg of wonderful THC. The label claims these strips will be effective, discreet and convenient and Med-Strips deliver big-time.

  1. Hello-

    Interested in purchasing some Med-Strips. Could you reply with the companies website or nearest provider in San Diego

    Thank you in advance.


    Mark ... Jun 7, 06:26 AM (#)
  2. i would like to try these med-strips out, i am in west virginia how can i order or go about getting some

    shannon ... Nov 29, 06:08 PM (#)
  3. Can these be found anywhere else other than California?

    drew ... Nov 30, 05:46 PM (#)
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