Optigami Collapsing Glasses

posted Jun 17, 11:21 PM by Puffo

Never again will you have to worry about your glasses case with this stylish pair. From folded to unfolded in mere seconds. Scratch free lenses thanks to a built in case.

The Optigami is a collapsible eyeglass and self-encasing system which, when folded, creates its own case, offering full protection for the lenses, and is easily carried and stored as a result of its ultra-slim profile. By providing an integrated eyeglass and case system that is very low cost, practical, and distinctive, the user will feel chic when utilizing these unique glasses, all the while knowing that the lenses are fully protected from scratches when not in use. The name Optigami is derived from the combination of the prefix “Opti” (as in optical) and “origami,” the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes such as animals or flowers.

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