Rechargeable USB Shaver

posted Jun 20, 10:30 PM by Puffo

If you are reading this website then you know it’s a long way from your computer to your bathroom. Thats why you need to bring a little bit of your bathroom into your computing experience.

Each morning you wake up, brush your teeth, get dressed, and leave for work. Hold on a minute – you seemed to have missed a step! How could you forget to shave? Unfortunately, time is at a premium and you do not have the luxury of returning home for a quick shave. There is the Rechargeable USB Shaver that comes in a lightweight and portable design that keeps the 5 o’clock shadow away at all times.

  1. That guy is hot, can I get his phone number?

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... Jun 26, 08:19 AM (#)
  2. this chink is so ugly

    bill ... Jun 26, 09:16 AM (#)
  3. How effective is it compared to commercial devices? there should be a mini review along with technical specs and not just an announcement.

    Also, Bill is clearly a moron. Probably uglier than sin.

    Eric ... Jun 26, 10:31 AM (#)
  4. They should make a pube version. I’d buy it.

    dave ... Jun 26, 11:58 AM (#)
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