Japanese Sex Doll Factory

posted Jun 25, 02:12 AM by Puffo

Funky Stories has a an interesting collecting of images taken inside “a Japanese sex doll factory“ They prove to be both fascinating and creepy at the very same time.

These are Japanese sex dolls for sale to guys who probably can’t get a girlfriend. The price range from $1000 to $5000 (the more expensive ones are made with latex that feels like skin to the touch). The president of the doll factory even posed with several of them. Now that’s creepy!

  1. ORUW3

    edy ... Dec 20, 11:00 AM (#)
  2. I would like to have more information of a doll catalog and prices

    Marco A. Gutierrez ... Mar 7, 07:23 AM (#)
  3. please send me some more info on doll models, I would like to purchase one… Thanks

    William ... Jul 11, 06:00 PM (#)
  4. I like how the comments are always “for men who can’t get a real woman”. If a guy had a woman like my ex, they would be selling hundreds of these.

    Will ... Jan 17, 01:29 PM (#)
  5. I would like to have more information of a doll catalog and price….. Thanks

    ruben Gunawan ... Jan 20, 07:55 PM (#)
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