Cool Shooters

posted Apr 30, 05:34 PM by Puffo

Amazing is really the only word to describe these shot glass producing ice trays.

This pair of New York designed easy, pop-out ice mold shot glasses are the perfect accompaniment to a night of wild debauchery. After all, if you’re going to knock back a tequila, or lose yourself in a Baileys, how better to do this than from a glass made of ice.


    WAYNE WINSTON ... May 2, 02:04 AM (#)
  2. habba dabba

    Pheqes ... May 10, 05:05 PM (#)
  3. do dabba

    licky ... May 31, 03:43 PM (#)
  4. They are cute but realisticaly… think of the melting in your hands aspect. How long are these really going to last in a mid summer BBQ party atmosphere, let alone in your hands.

    Kira ... May 31, 04:49 PM (#)
  5. If you have to hold a shot glass with a shot inside for more than a few seconds, then you’re missing the point of shots.

    Dan ... Jun 5, 01:24 PM (#)
  6. Nice. When you’re done shooting, drop it down your significant other’s shirt.

    dave ... Jun 6, 11:37 AM (#)
  7. Now there’s a novel idea.

    Michael ... Aug 4, 12:12 PM (#)
  8. At first, I was all about this product. Then, I started to read the comments. Icky is right, those things would melt and you would have to have like 5 trays to last you through a session with my mates and I. I give it props for the good idea, but see no logical use coming from it.

    CHEAD ... Aug 6, 10:51 AM (#)
  9. How about using them on a frosty bombfire night, wear gloves and choose your poison in to warm the cockles. We went to the ‘Ice Hotel’ (Sweden) last Feb, they do ice glasses with ‘Absolute Vodka’ at the ice bar!!! yay!

    toni ... Aug 14, 09:00 PM (#)
  10. Lovely facts and figures.

    xcv xcv ... Jan 23, 10:36 PM (#)