posted Apr 9, 01:24 PM by Puffo

I was at an unnamed friend’s house last night and for some reason got the urge to sneak a peek inside her ice dispenser. This is the sort of creepy thing I do when bored out of my mind.

Here the thing is from the outside:

And here is what I found on the underside:

I sort of expected this and am not surprised. What I find more surprising is my continued consumption of water from this disgusting thing since finding out its secrete. Yummm!

  1. Yea…. I blame the cleaning lady. And you for taking pictures of my kitchen without my permission. And…..mold…? But you have to admit that the water is still really good, regardless!!! :-P So THAT’s why you were uploading the pics from your camera….nice, sneaky. :-P

    Amanda ... Apr 10, 06:04 PM (#)
  2. Oh, and I like the comment style, and the whole site for that matter. ;-)

    Amanda ... Apr 10, 06:05 PM (#)
  3. I would have just kept quiet if it were me. :) Thanks though about the site.

    Puffo ... Apr 30, 07:19 PM (#)
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  8. Ew, gross!
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    Omni ... Oct 12, 04:04 AM (#)
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  10. Because she didn’t know she should clean that place, everyone knows woman doesn’t good at tech, like men doesn’t step into kitchen.

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