posted Apr 2, 05:34 AM by Puffo

It has taken a long while but after a million different designs, scripts, and ideas I have finally decided on something I can stand behind. Almost every project I start gets lost in my own indecision but somehow it seems like Slacktivate will finally make it out of my cycle of never ending development. A part of me wants to keep working on thinks but I know if I do it will never see the light of day. I’ve put together a series of images below so you can see some of the development cycle. I’m missing a few stages and designs but don’t think you’ll mind too much.

An early Slacktivate design attempt

A design I paid an artist to come up with

My early implementations never sat well with me

An original design I started work on to replace my earlier attempts

Another dramatically different direction I went towards

I finally come up with a look I like!

The first working prototype of Slacktivate

Ok, so I know you don’t care at all but I felt I needed to do something with all that stuff.

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